VOTE NOW! Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater FIBA World Cup 2019 – Voting Options, Players List, Videos & more!

VOTE NOW! for your favorite Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater at FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019. Find Voting Options, Players List, Criteria, How to Vote, Videos & more!

It’s time for do the voting or put your vote for you for your favorite Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater moment in the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. You can easily find voting options, players list, basketball games, criteria, how to vote & short videos here to elect the right candidate according to your opinions.

VOTE for favorite Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater at FIBA Baskeball World Cup 2019 – Players, Match Against and How to Vote?

There are 6 buzzer beater videos selected till the September 7, 2019 as per Second Round Group Stage and 17th-32nd Classification games are going on. They are the favorite ones from the Best basketball players in this FIBA 2019 world cup. Let’s check it out! Who all is in the list along with their short Tissot Buzzer Beater videos and team/games names.

S.No. / Match Date (s)

Player (s)


Match Against


World Cup Round (s) / Group (s)


Voting Result(s) / Percentage till 7 September 2019 Voting Option(s)
1. 6 September 2019

Mateusz Ponitka (Poland)


Russia (RUS)

Second Round

(Group I)

6% Click here to Vote
2. 4 September 2019

Facundo Campazzo (Argentina)


Russia (RUS)

First Round (Group B)

5% Click here to Vote
3. 3 September 2019

Kemba Walker (United States)


Turkey (TUR)

First Round (Group E)

26% Click here to Vote
4. 1 September 2019

Georgios Papagiannis (Greece)


Montenegro (MNE)

First Round (Group F)

34% Click here to Vote
5. 31 August 2019

Sergio Llull (Spain)


Tunisia (TUN)

First Round (Group C)

24% Click here to Vote
6. 7 September 2019

Corey Joseph (Canada)


Jordan (JOR)

17th-32nd Classification (Group P)

4% Click here to Vote

How to Vote & Criteria for the Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019?

Below, we are providing to the steps to vote for the favorite and the Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater 2019 FIBA World Cup –

  • 1. First, Go to the Link of the Official FIBA Basketball World Cup Website ( and Find the Player(s) videos here!
  • 2. Now, Watch the provided videos one by one to select your favorite player within the criteria.
  • 3. Just press on the VOTE button only once, which is provided below on the each video. It’s a reminder that, only select one player with the best potential.
  • 4. A message will display ‘Thanks for Voting’ after pressing to the VOTE button along with percentage(s) votes; particular player(s) video have.

Watch 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Best TISSOT Buzzer Beater Videos & Players Online

You can watch the below videos to find out the Best choice to vote for the favorite TISSOT Buzzer Beater here!

So, Vote Now! according to your Basketball knowledge and the Best moment you find out here!

Keep Sharing! Keep Enjoying!

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