FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Bracket Quarter Finals (Final Phase) Confirmed!

Confirmed! FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Bracket Quarter Finals (Final Phase) games schedule, teams with live streaming details. ARG v SRB, ESP v POL, USA v FRA, AUS v CZE matches timings, watch online & second round games info..

The quarterfinals of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 have been set, with the United States, France, China, Australia. There are other totals of eight countries finalized for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 quarterfinals final round. The bracket for the Final Phase of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 was confirmed following the conclusion of the Second Round on Monday, with Czech Republic, and USA completing the Quarter-Final picture. On Wednesday, Australian Boomers will also face the Czech Republic and on the other side Team USA Basketball will face the France basketball team on the same day (Sept 11). On Tuesday, Argentina will take on Serbia, Similary Spain (ESP) will face the Poland (POL) on the same day.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Bracket Quarter Finals (Final Phase) Games Confirmed!
FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Bracket Quarter Finals (Final Phase) Games Confirmed!

We have our four Quarter-Finals matchups (see the bracket above). Australia came up with a big win over France and Czech Republic can now celebrate perhaps the happiest loss in their country’s history to Greece. And USA finished their Group Phase work in style.

Following a thrilling ten days of activity, the group phase of the FIBA World Cup 2019 is currently in the novels. The area was narrowed to only eight from 32 teams, together with the Czech Republic, and Argentina, Serbia, Spain, Poland, United States, France, Australia.

Bracket Confirmed for FINAL Phase Quarterfinals of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup

  • The back-to-back defending champions USA continued their unbeaten campaign in China with an 89-73 victory over Brazil to claim the top honors in the Shenzhen-based Group K, with the Czechs advancing despite an 84-77 defeat to Greece in the decisive battle.
  • As group winners of Group K, the Gregg Popovich-coached Team USA booked a Quarter-Finals matchup against the second-placed Group L team France in Dongguan.
  • Meanwhile, Czech Republic will slot into the other side of the bracket against Group L winners Australia in Shanghai.
  • The two other Quarter-Final pairings were confirmed on Sunday, with Group I table-toppers Argentina set to meet Serbia in Dongguan already this Tuesday, and the still undefeated Spain from Group J testing Poland in Shanghai.
  • Having won the 2010 and 2014 editions of the FIBA Basketball World Cups, defending champions USA stand to become the first country to win the Naismith Trophy in three consecutive events.

Latest Updates abput Upcoming Naismith Trophy Confirmed Teams & FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament Berths

  • While all eight Quarter-Finalists will have their sights set on the Naismith Trophy, there will be another significant source of motivation for the European countries, who are in a battle for the last two direct Olympic qualification tickets.
  • On Monday, Argentina and the United States confirmed their status as the best-ranked teams from the Americas region at the World Cup to clinch direct qualification, with Nigeria (Africa), Iran (Asia) and Australia (Oceania) securing entries earlier in the tournament.
  • As the World Cup enters the Final Phase of the competition and only eight teams remain in the race for the famed Naismith Trophy, the final standings for the remaining teams were confirmed, with numerous teams securing FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament tickets.
  • The FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament picture began to take shape with the World Cup producing the first 13 teams for next summer’s qualification battles.
  • Second Round participants Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, as well as the best teams from the Classification Round 17-32, Germany, New Zealand, Tunisia, Canada and Turkey kept their Olympic dreams alive with tickets to next summer’s FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.
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Final standings for teams placed 9-32 in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019:

  • 9. Lithuania (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 10. Italy (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 11. Greece (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 12. Russia (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 13. Brazil (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 14. Venezuela (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 15. Puerto Rico (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 16. Dominican Republic (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 17. Nigeria (Qualified directly to Olympics as best African team in World Cup)
  • 18. Germany (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 19. New Zealand (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 20. Tunisia (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 21. Canada (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 22. Turkey (FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament)
  • 23. Iran (Qualified directly to Olympics as best Asian team in World Cup)
  • 24. China
  • 25. Montenegro
  • 26. Korea
  • 27. Angola
  • 28. Jordan
  • 29. Cote d’Ivoire
  • 30. Senegal
  • 31. Japan (Qualified directly to Olympics as hosts)
  • 32. Philippines

Three more Olympic Qualifying Tournament vacancies will be filled by three of the current five Quarter-Finalists from Europe, who do not achieve direct qualification at the World Cup in China.

The lineup for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments will be completed by two additional teams per region for a total of 24 teams, who will compete in four tournaments of six teams each.

The two best-ranked teams per region (Africa, Americas, Asia-Oceania and Europe) who are not already qualified directly for Tokyo 2020 or for the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments will also be selected to play in the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

The FIBA World Ranking Men, presented by NIKE, published after the FIBA Basketball World Cup will determine those eight additional teams.

Quarterfinals Final Phase Bracket with 5th-8th Classification, Semifinals and Final Teams

Qualified teams

Group Winner Second place
I  Argentina  Poland
J  Spain  Serbia
K  United States  Czech Republic
L  Australia  France

Final Phase Bracket

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
10 September – Dongguan
13 September – Beijing
11 September – Dongguan
 United States
15 September – Beijing
10 September – Shanghai
13 September – Beijing
11 September – Shanghai
Third place game
15 September – Beijing
 Czech Republic

5th–8th Classification

5th–8th classification Fifth place
12 September – Dongguan
Loser QF1
14 September – Beijing
Loser QF2
12 September – Shanghai
Loser QF3
Loser QF4
Seventh place
14 September – Beijing

Quarter-finals Games Schedule, Timings, Venues & Live Streaming info

Argentina vs. Serbia (ARG vs SRB)

10 September 2019
19:00 Local Time(GMT +8)
Argentina  vs.  Serbia
Venue: Dongfeng Nissan Cultural and Sports Centre, Dongguan
Referees: Cristiano Maranho (BRA), Tolga Şahin (ITA), Michael Weiland (CAN)

Spain vs. Poland (ESP vs POL)

10 September 2019
21:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
Spain  vs.  Poland
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai
Referees: Jorge Vázquez (PUR), Yohan Rosso (FRA), Takaki Kato (JPN)

United States vs. France (USA vs FRA)

11 September 2019
19:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
United States  vs.  France
Venue: Dongfeng Nissan Cultural and Sports Centre, Dongguan

Australia vs. Czech Republic (AUS vs CZE)

11 September 2019
21:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
Australia  vs.  Czech Republic
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai

Classification semi-finals FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

Quarter-final 1 loser vs. Quarter-final 2 loser

12 September 2019
19:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
LQF1 vs. LQF2
Venue: Dongfeng Nissan Cultural and Sports Centre, Dongguan

Quarter-final 3 loser vs. Quarter-final 4 loser

12 September 2019
21:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
LQF3 vs. LQF4
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai

Semi-finals FIBA 2019 Basketball Games

Quarter-final 1 winner vs. Quarter-final 2 winner

13 September 2019
WQF1 vs. WQF2
Venue: Wukesong Arena, Beijing

Quarter-final 3 winner vs. Quarter-final 4 winner

13 September 2019
WQF3 vs. WQF4
Venue: Wukesong Arena, Beijing

Bronze medal match (Semi-final 1 loser vs. Semi-final 2 loser)

15 September 2019
16:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
LSF1 vs. LSF2
Venue: Wukesong Arena, Beijing

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Final (Semi-final 1 winner vs. Semi-final 2 winner)

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Final will be the concluding basketball game which determines the winner of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup. The game will be played on 15 September 2019, at the Wukesong Arena, in Beijing, China.

15 September 2019
20:00 Local Time (GMT +8)
WSF1 vs. WSF2
Venue: Wukesong Arena, Beijing

How to Watch FIBA World Cup 2019 Finals Basketball Games Live Streaming Online & Braodcasting TV Channels?

  • The television rights holders by country or region are as follows:


Andorra Canal Plus / Cuatro
Belgium BETV
Bosnia & Herzegovina Sportklub
Bulgaria BNT
Cyprus Cyta
Czech Republic CTV
Denmark Viasat Sport
England Discovery/Eurosport
Estonia TV3/TVPlay Sports
Finland YLE / Viasat Sport
France Canal Plus
Georgia GTV
Germany Telekom Deutschland/ Magenta
Greece ERT
Hungary M4 Sport
Iceland RUV
Ireland Discovery/Eurosport
Israel TSC
Italy Sky Italia
Kosovo RTK
Latvia TV3/TVPlay Sports
Lithuania TV3/TVPlay Sports
Montenegro RT CG/Sportklub
Netherlands ZIGGO
North Macedonia Sportklub
Norway Viasat Sport
Poland TVP
Portugal Eleven Sports
Russia Match TV
Scotland Discovery/Eurosport
Serbia RTS / SportKlub
Slovenia POP TV
Spain Cuatro / DAZN
Switzerland SwissTV/Sportclub/Canal Plus
Sweden Viasat Sport
Turkey NTV / S Sport
Ukraine XSports
Wales Discovery/Eurosport


Anguilla Directv
Antigua Fox Sports / Directv
Argentina Directv / TyC Sports
Aruba Fox Sports / Directv
Barbados Fox Sports / Directv
Belize Fox Sports / Directv
Bolivia Directv
British Virgin Islands Directv
Brazil SportTV
Canada DAZN
Cayman Islands Fox Sports / Directv
Chile Directv
Colombia Directv
Costa Rica Fox Sports
Dominica Fox Sports / Directv
Dominican Republic Fox Sports
Ecuador Directv
El Salvador Directv
Grenada Fox Sports / Directv
Guatemala Fox Sports
Guyana Fox Sports / Directv
Haiti Fox Sports / Directv
Honduras Fox Sports
Jamaica Fox Sports / Directv
Mexico Fox Sports
Montserrat Fox Sports / Directv
Nicaragua Fox Sports
Panama Fox Sports
Paraguay Directv / TIGGO
Peru Directv
Puerto Rico WAPA
St. Kitts & Nevis Fox Sports / Directv
St. Lucia Fox Sports / Directv
St. Vincent & The Grenadines Fox Sports / Directv
Surinam Fox Sports
Turks & Caicos Islands Directv
Trinidad & Tobago Fox Sports / Directv
Uruguay Directv + / Antel
Venezuela Directv

Asia & Oceania

American Samoa Melania Media
Australia Fox Sports
Bahrain beIN Sports
China CCTV / Tencent
Chinese Taipei Eleven Sports
Cook Islands Melania Media
Fiji Melania Media
Hong Kong i-cable
India FanCode
Iran beIN Sports
Iraq beIN Sports
Japan Fuji TV / DAZN
Jordan beIN Sports
South Korea SpoTV
Kiribati Melania Media
Kuwait beIN Sports
Lebanon LBC / beIN Sports
Macau CCTV / TDM
Malaysia Astro
Mongolia NTV
New Zealand Maori TV & Sky NZ
Niue Melania Media
Oman beIN Sports
Palestine beIN Sports
Papua New Guinea Melania Media
Philippines ESPN5
Qatar beIN Sports / Al Kass
Samoa Melania Media
Saudi Arabia beIN Sports
Singapore Starhub
Soloman Islands Melania Media
Syria beIN Sports
Tonga Melania Media
Tuvalu Melania Media
UAE beIN Sports
Yemen beIN Sports
Vanuatu Melania Media
Vietnam VCT


Algeria beIN Sports
Angola TPA / StarTimes / Canal Plus
Benin StarTimes / Canal Plus
Botswana StarTimes
Burkina Faso StarTimes / Canal Plus
Burundi StarTimes / Canal Plus
Cameroon StarTimes / Canal Plus
Cap Vert StarTimes / Canal Plus
Central African Republic StarTimes / Canal Plus
Chad beIN Sports
Comoros StarTimes
Congo-Brassaville StarTimes
DRC Congo StarTimes / Canal Plus
Djibouti beIN Sports
Egypt beIN Sports
Equatorial Guinea Canal Plus
Eritrea StarTimes
Ethiopia StarTimes
Gabon StarTimes / Canal Plus
Gambia StarTimes / Canal Plus
Ghana StarTimes / Canal Plus
Guinea StarTimes
Guinea Bissau StarTimes / Canal Plus
Guinea Conakry Canal Plus
Ivory Coast StarTimes / Canal Plus
Kenya StarTimes
Lesotho StarTimes
Liberia StarTimes / Canal Plus
Libya beIN Sports
Madagascar StarTimes / Canal Plus
Malawi StarTimes
Mali StarTimes / Canal Plus
Mauritania beIN Sports
Mauritius StarTimes
Mayotte StarTimes
Morocco beIN Sports
Mozambique StarTimes
Namibia StarTimes
Niger StarTimes / Canal Plus
Nigeria StarTimes / Canal Plus
Reunion StarTimes / Canal Plus
Rwanda StarTimes / Canal Plus
Sao Tome & Principe StarTimes / Canal Plus
Senegal StarTimes / Canal Plus / RTS
Seychelles StarTimes
Sierra Leone StarTimes / Canal Plus
Socotra StarTimes
Somalia beIN Sports
South Africa StarTimes
South Sudan StarTimes
St. Helena & Ascension StarTimes
Sudan beIN Sports
Swaziland StarTimes
Tanzania StarTimes
Togo StarTimes / Canal Plus
Tunisia beIN Sports
Uganda StarTimes
Zambia StarTimes
Zimbabwe StarTimes
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Previous Day Boxscore in the Second Round & 17th-32nd Classification Round of the FIBA basketball world cup 2019 games

Greece 84, the Czech Republic 77

Despite Antetokounmpo fouling out with 5 minutes, 32 seconds left in Monday’s game, Greece managed to prevail against the Czech Republic.  The victory by Greece did secure a quarterfinals spot for Team USA, and will face Australia on Wednesday.

Australia 100, France 97

Australia remains perfect in FIBA World Cup play. Dellavedova drew a foul on Rudy Gobert, the star center for France and the Utah Jazz, with less than 20 seconds to play. The creek was fouled on a last-second heave, went 1-for-3 from the line and Australia had its win.

It could have been anybody’s game, but Australia’s tenacity spoke louder. A team that turns the ball over 14 times (8 more than their opponent) and still wins the game deserves all credit.

Even though Australia trailed by as many as nine points in the third, they regrouped, adjusted defensively and won the battle in the paint where they out-rebounded France 30-23.

Evan Fournier and Nando de Colo paced France’s offense with a combined 57 points, but Patty Mills, Aron Baynes and Joe Ingles’ combined 74 proved too much for France.

I am obviously disappointed. We made some unnecessary mistakes right at the end of the game, which we could have won. We have to stay positive moving forward there is still a lot to play for here in China.” – France guard Nando de Colo.

USA 89, Brazil 73

The United States Men’s National Team clinched a spot in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with an 89-73 win over Brazil at the FIBA World Cup on Monday. Team USA toppled Brazil to reach the FIBA World Cup quarterfinals. The U.S. will play France (4-1) in the quarterfinals in Dongguan on Wednesday (7 a.m. E.T.).

Final Score – USA 89-73 BRAZIL

  • United States just were too much in the final 15 minutes as they just poured it on for what looked like a pretty comfortable victory.
  • Kemba Walker totalled 16 points and 5 assists and Myles Turner took home TCL Player of the Game honors with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks.
  • Vitor Benite paced Brazil with 21 points.
  • The victory means United States reached the Quarter-Finals as Group K winners and will face France while Czech Republic book their ticket to the final eight and will take on Australia.

Final thoughts: United States showed in the second half just how tough their defense can be. Once again, this is a learning experience for Gregg Popovich’s team as they move into the Knockout Phase and a date with France in the Quarter-Finals. The defense is still carrying the team but as the old saying goes: “Defense wins championships”.

“I think Brazil really gave us a tough fight in the first half. They really wanted that game. They played with a lot of heart. But that second half we really turned it on. We came together as a coaching staff, as a unit, as players. We discussed what we needed to do at halftime and we executed it.” – USA center Myles Turner 

“We played a very good second half. The first half I thought that Brazil were outstanding in their execution, their passion. They played very well. I think we picked it up defensively in the second half. And that’s what changed it for us. We felt good about the win and look forward to moving on.” – USA head coach Gregg Popovich

Lithuania 74, Dominican Republic 54

Lithuania ended in the 2019 FIBA World Cup with a victory, defeating the Dominican Republic. Although the Dominican Republic cut Lithuania’s halftime lead to seven it faltered and finished its FIBA World Cup run at 2-3.

Germany 82, Canada 76

Canada finishes its FIBA World Cup run at 2-3. Dallas Mavericks big man Maxi Kleber also was solid in the victory. Canada was paced by Orlando Magic center Khem Birch.

I love national team basketball. I think there’s something really special about these guys putting it on the line for their country. To me, it’s the purest form of basketball we have. I love that. – Canada and NBA champion coach Nick Nurse

New Zealand 102, Turkey 101

New Zealand closed out its play in the 2019 FIBA World Cup with a thrilling finish. The country finished 3-2 overall in World Cup play, including a 2-0 run through the final round.


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