The 5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2020 Reviewed [Buying Guide]

Find a list of 5 best-performing outdoor basketball shoes for women and men. [Review Guide] How to choose the top basketball shoes which are durable enough for outdoor use?

Playing basketball outside requires the best outdoor shoes for the game. After writing the previous buying guides on the Best portable basketball hoops and Trampoline basketball hoop, readers of this website asked me for the best place to buy cheap basketball shoes online. So, I thought to write a complete review guide on the best-performing outdoor basketball shoes along with how to choose the perfect basketball shoes?

  • The shoes should be perfectly designed for support, grip, and comfort.
  • Compared to ordinary indoor and outdoor shoes, outdoor basketball shoes have different construction and style.
  • Shoes that feature sturdy materials and hard rubber which make them durable enough for outdoor use. It will drastically improve your basketball skills.
Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Guide
Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Guide

I already know that buying shoes online is difficult without trying them on. But, here you’ll get the information about the perfect basketball shoes which you need to make a purchase on. I again and again say you that don’t do this without reading this review of best outdoor basketball shoes.

These types of shoes also work in many outdoor sports, like Tennis, Badminton and Pickleball paddle games.  To know more details about the best pickleball shoes do click here.

They also have different weights. The following are some of the best outdoor basketball shoes on the market:

Top Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews

We know that famous basketball players usually prefer branded products so as the shoes. Whether we talk about team LA Lakers player LeBron James or, team Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo, all usually wear Adidas basketball shoes for better support, grip and comfort during the NBA games. So, here we’ve compiled a list of 5 best-performing basketball shoes for women and men, which you can buy from online stores within the cheap and discounted prices.

  • 1. adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe – Buy Now
  • 2. adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe – Buy Now
  • 3. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe – Buy Now
  • 4. adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium Basketball Shoe – Buy Now
  • 5. adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes Men’s – Buy Now

1. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

This type of shoe is a comfortable shoe to wear and integrates style. The cloudfoam element in this shoe is designed to optimize and, at the same time, minimize comfort.

The innersole of the shoe features a new technology construction. It is made out of a new compound element known as EVA, which especially conforms to your feet’s shape. This eventually cancels the possibility of unusual foot positioning.


Its sides have perforations that eliminate heat from the shoe and allow fresh air flow. It also has air mesh tongue, a collar as well as a rear quarter.

They are made with a knit upper and are a top option for running too. They are lightweight as its upper is made of Primeknit element. BUY NOW here.

2. Adidas Crazy Men’s Explosive Basketball Shoe

Adidas performance men’s crazy explosive basketball shoe: This shoe is designed to hit the court as you display your smart moves. It is a lightweight sneaker for basketball court with a fused upper.

 It is also constructed with wired cables to provide lockdown support. Its uppers feature smooth neoprene as well as a breathable mesh for perfect fit and extended comfort.

The shoe has an extensive lacing system that offers the total lockdown and is made with a padded tongue and collar.

The shoe also has a smooth fabric lining that provides a great filling when you wear it. It is made with internal bootie construction that enables comfortable step-in.

Through many observations, the shoe is made with excellent traction and ankle support. Besides basketball, the shoe can be used in other different sports as it provides excellent support. BUY NOW here!

3. Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

This curry 3Zero best basketball shoe for men has been tested and found to provide reliable traction on smooth courts.

It has a better cushioning with a perfect balance and is made of adjustable collar works that offer excellent ankle support and excellent agility.

The shoe is made with dual mesh textile making it lightweight and breathable so that you remain comfortable throughout the day.

Also, the open-holed mesh tongue on this shoe helps keep the feet fresh during the sporting experience as it allows a natural flow of air.


Its midsole is made of both charged cushioning and Micro G foam so that the heel receives bounce-back energy to keep you going.

The meta-wing TPU shank feature of this shoe provides the heel, forefoot, and arch of the feet with lock-in stability.

Lastly, the shoes’ outsole is made of rubber and features a signature traction pattern to provide required traction on slippery grounds. BUY NOW here!

4. Adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Tmac Millennium shoe has an excellent modern design, and it is outstanding from the rest that can’t go unnoticed.

 It is also made to last as it is durable and, besides, offers maximum support. The midsole has cushioning that absorbs shock as you walk or run.

The outsole, on the other hand, provides required protection for the feet against any foam of grind.

The uppers of this shoe are neatly crafted with a synthetic element, which makes it durable.

Its uppers also feature the TPU, which provides needed support for your feet during the sporting experience. The outsole is herringbone-patterned to offer needed traction on slippery courts. BUY NOW here!

5. Adidas Vol. 3 Shoes Men’s Shoes

These best outdoor basketball shoes are designed to offer you all that you need while in the basketball court.

It pays tribute to the basketball career of James Harden while at Artesia High school, Lakewood, California. This shoe is lightweight and lets you move comfortably within the court.

It also offers required stability and support while playing, thanks to the responsive boost midsole.

It is designed with additional lockdown that allows side-to-side movement and control making it easy to move past defenders.

This is an exceptional shoe that provides maximum grip and traction so that you are safe on slippery courts.

The uppers are made of synthetic and textile, which makes it durable and, at the same time, adds comfort. The elastic closure of this shoe enables your feet to fit comfortably. BUY NOW here!

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What to look for while Choosing Best Basketball Shoes?

As a basketball player, you need the right footwear for the sport, whether you are a professional or new in the game. There are some slight differences between indoor and outdoor footwear.

Those designed for indoor have the traction and support features to overcome smooth and polished wooden surfaces. The outdoor footwear, on the other hand, should have features that can tackle harsh surfaces.

Proper Traction:

A good basketball shoe should have the right traction and offer needed support as well as comfort to deal with the surfaces we have mentioned. A wrong choice of shoes might cause injury due to skidding and falling in court.

Right Sole:

A good selection of basketball shoes is a decision based on functionality and not just-style. Outdoor basketball shoes should have a harder rubber sole so that it can deal with uneven outside courts. The hard bottom also makes it more durable.

Safe Guard Your Ankle:

An outdoor shoe should also offer stability and support, especially if you have had previous injuries on your ankle.

If you have had past ankle issues, you need an outdoor shoe that absorbs shock and offers required support to every part of the feet. The ankle should also have the stability needed so that there is maintained balance while playing.


Also, the uppers of any outdoor shoe should be made with breathable material. This helps eliminate heat from the shoe while playing, and this should be one of the primary considerations when buying an outdoor basketball shoe.

The sole, on the other hand, should be designed with rubber material for comfort and durability. It is important to note that all outdoor basketball shoes are different from indoor when it comes to the sole and tread pattern.

Hope, you liked our post. Thanks for reading till the end.

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